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So finally started blogging after creating a blogger page in May 2010. WordPress offered better platform so migrated here, it is a charm really compared to blogger and happy that I am here.

Coming back to the motivation for blogging, those were times when i joined facebook and liked many atheist pages. Was getting to know Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennet and Sam Harris-the four horsemen of new atheism,  through the FB pages and could perceive the definite shift in educated masses’ idea on religion and morality, through the interactions and comments in FB. Personally it was a life changing moment to me. Intellectually less equipped to answer to questions and doubts on how atheism can be a life philosophy, which has changed over the intervening period, to the point that my naive idea that atheism can indeed replace religion as moral compass, has changed! I think atheism as a philosophy cannot be an effective replacement to religion, not that it is worse than religion, but it is grossly incomplete as some of the atheists have not shown sensitivity to the marginalised and “voiceless”…i have routinely come across atheists who are misogynists, muslim haters, hindu haters, homophobic, casteist, racist, which only exposes its inadequacy as a moral compass to lead an ethical life.

No wonder Dawkins, despite his numerous contribution to bringing out atheism out in open, has disappointed with his male privilege blindness when his misogynist tweets and comments were called out. Be it Muslima letter in 2011 which came soon after Rebecca Watson mentioned about elevator incident , or his defense of rape under influence of alcohol is no rape at all only shows how incredibly shallow one can be, despite calling oneself as a rationalist. When one thought these were few faux pas, more has come tumbling from his tweets and his defense of fellow scientists accused of rape and sexism, which taught me important lessons while adopting any new philosophy as a moral guide or compass -one need to be sensitive above all and no hero worship for sure.

And definitely no unqualified endorsement be it Dawkins or gOD!!

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