Life of a Brahmin- Tail of Wretchedness

Those who think why reservation should not be extended to brahmins, fail to see the “reason” as apparent here:

  • Reservations of dalits have caused brahmins to perpetually clean toilets,
  • They are routinely refused homes based on their caste,
  • Their caste surnames are used as insults,
  • They are sidelined because their traditions are not visible in popular culture of the nation,
  • How despite good qualifications and a lineage of 1-2 generations of graduates, they are not married among the arrogant and well off dalits,
  • How due to reservations of dalits their women folks are routinely raped and paraded naked in villages by dalit mukhiyas and sarpanches,
  • Their houses are pelted when they crack IIT entrance exam
  • How due to reservations of dalits almost all the safai karmacharis in Indian Railways are Brahmins and clean human shit, they are discriminated based on the food they eat…indeed a life of Brahmin is hell…

When viewed under this optic, it sounds ridiculous that how The Hindu can say that it is only the upper castes and their culture which is represented more in mainstream Hindi films.


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