Bigotry among Non Believers

New Atheists are privilege deniers- Sushant Taing

This article by Sushant was damn good not only in terms of its lucidity, in which he excels consistently, but the manner in which it exposed the new atheism for what it is-a motley crowd of privileged, mostly male from upper class/ caste backgrounds who criticize religions from a very narrow perspective full of biases than understanding why religions and its doctrine flourish in the first place without looking at its underlying socio economic conditions. I have known the followers of Dawkins, Sam Harris to be no less fanatic than the followers of religions or cult. Not only that, most of them, do support neo liberalism, hate egalitarian social structures for betterment of larger good, or fail to see why atheists have low numbers in prison vis a vis other demographics!

Well well well Prof. Richard Dawkins 🙂

I respected you a lot for your lucid, comprehensive and insightful works on biology that you popularized among the masses through books like “The Selfish Gene”, “The Blind Watchmaker” & “The Greatest Show on Earth”, books that went on to promote scientific literacy and critical thinking.

But I started losing respect for you after you went on to not just ally with but (several times) defend that abominable Zionist tool Sam Harris.

And you didn’t stop there.

You started losing more credibility after making several irresponsibly misogynistic statements. Not to forget, your new habit of pontificating on geopolitics as well as philosophy (and frankly, you’re an ignoramus in both fields, with due respect).

And you hit rock-bottom recently by downplaying pedophilia (even though you claim to be a victim of it) as you invented reprehensible categorizations like “Mild Pedophilia” and “Violent Pedophilia.”

new atheism class privilege
Why new atheism is flawed?

And sorry to say Prof. Dawkins, but like most Popes, Archbishops, Grand Muftis, Imams, Ayatollas, Rabbis, Shankracharyas, Swamis, Lamas and other “Spiritual Gurus”, you too have a large TROLL ARMY of Irrational Cretins (that ironically claim to be Rationalists) who have consistently justified and defended every single blunder of yours. Some of these are even in my friend list (I have unfriended most of them though)

I now see you and your tribe going “open-season” on Bangladesh after the news of atheist blogger Niloy Neel being murdered by Islamist extremists broke out (the 4th blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh this year). Of course it’s an unequivocally deplorable incident and it’s another reminder of how superstition, intolerance & xenophobia are growing in highly religious societies in South Asia.

But it’s not just the rising religious bigotry in Bangladesh and rest of South Asia that disturbs me. I also find the behavior of you & your tribe very disconcerting.

To put it bluntly, your tribe mostly comes from Elite sections of society and from a particular age group (teenagers to mid 30s folks that are predominantly Middle & Upper-Class White males from the West and predominantly Middle & Upper-Class Hindu Upper-Caste Males from South Asia).

Yes, I can safely say (after carefully observing & interacting with you guys for over 5 years) that your tribe has a serious Diversity issue. And not just that, an overwhelming majority of your “Cult” followers are complete ignoramus as far as history & geopolitics go and only posses a rudimentary knowledge of science (okay, I am no scientific expert but neither are most of your fanboys).

You “preach” free-thinking but your fanboys treat your books, your tweets, your press-statements as well as all Western Corporate Media reports as Holy Scripture.

Sorry Prof. Dawkins, you may well be an Intellectual, but your “Cult” has a large majority of Zombies and your movement has degenerated into an Anti-Intellectual movement that doesn’t differ from any Right-Wing movement once we ignore that you all are Atheists and Agnostics.

So, I am not surprised when most of your fanboys I stumble upon happen to be –

  1. Overtly or Inherently Muslim-phobic, in a very dehumanizing way (not just with the faith but with all its adherents).
  2. Passionate Israel lovers.

  3. Supporters of Free-Market Libertarianism as well as US Foreign Policy.

  4. Being totally blind of their privileges. They don’t understand terms like Class privilege, Cultural Hegemony, White privilege and Upper-Caste Hindu privilege and instead, accuse subaltern groups of cough-cough “Reverse-Racism”.

  5. And some of your fanboys and sympathizers even happen to be reprehensible Social Darwinists. The less said the better about them.

My friend Anand Singh has made a very astute observation about you & your fanboys –

“These bourgeoisie atheists don’t make an effort to find the material conditions which give rise to the religious ideas and yet, they think that they can uproot religion just by targeting its idea. So even though such atheists claim that they are materialistic because they believe that consciousness is an outcome of matter, their approach is clearly an idealist approach.”

Coming back to you Prof. Dawkins, looking at some of your recent videos, press interactions, FB posts & Tweets, I see a clear trend, a pattern.

You being a self-proclaimed crusader for “logic, reason and free-thinking”, you and your tribe are mostly seen denouncing and lambasting reprehensible acts of religious fundamentalism. Everything fine with that. It’s another thing that most of the religious extremism you denounce is from countries in the Global-South/Third World.

And every time you and your fanboys denounce atrocities done in the name of religious bigotry (including what could very well be False-Flag attacks) all of you unanimously blame x, y or z Religion (not that the religion isn’t at fault) while almost none of you talk about the Elephant-in-the-room i.e. Socio-Economic conditions.

Interestingly and probably inadvertently, you and your fanboys go on to serve the Imperialist West establishment’s centuries old agenda of upholding the Global South/Third World’s image of being the “Lands of Savages” just because a large majority of us happen to be theists.

So when the next one among our nations gets invaded for “Western Democracy” to come, you and your Social Darwinist (inherently White Supremacist) fanboys can justify it by saying that – “The World is a Smarter place now with thousands and millions of dirty and funny looking low IQ religious people dead”.

Yes, I have even come across some people giving these pathetic justifications.

No wonder, I personally have never seen you & your fanboys ever denounce any atrocity that is not rooted in religious extremism.

Be it Israel’s assault on Gaza last year or this year’s atrocities like the NATO supported Saudi invasion of Yemen or the Turkish assault on Kurdish lands. Or for that matter, the rising number of Black & Brown people killed in police atrocities in Obama’s America. Or America’s unbeaten highest incarceration rate in the world where a disproportionate number of Colored people are serving years and even decades in privatized prisons for drug crimes, many of those drugs being legal in most of Europe. And not to forget, the several invasions/interventions as well as drone strikes by NATO countries (without taking United Nation’s permission) to spread “Democracy” in the Third World.

You and your fanboys don’t feel any of these issues are a big deal.

Because according to you guys, only Religious Extremism counts as Terrorism, not State-Sponsored Terrorism, sorry I meant *****cough cough***** “Collateral Damage”.

If at all you happen to read this Prof. Dawkins, then I earnestly urge you that before being concerned about the rising Religious Extremism in Third World countries like Bangladesh, I hope an eminent and accomplished personality (and eminent you still are) for the sake of your credibility, pays heed to your country Britain’s countless atrocities like the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre, the 2 Bengal Famines along with countless other Colonial atrocities in Asia & Africa and Britain’s unconditional support to Right-Wing fascist dictators & monarchs in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Indonesia, Phillipines, Pakistan and most of the Middle-East.

And it’s very important that you pay heed to it because a lot (if not all) of the religious extremism in the Third World/Global South (whether you like it or not) is triggered by the socio-economic conditions that were created as well as maintained by Western Imperialism (which is still thriving)

On a parting note, I must say that something is seriously wrong with your Secular/Multi-Cultural Western Democratic world as a disproportionate number of highly educated people from affluent backgrounds are leaving Britain and joining ISIS/ISIL.

Peace 🙂

Sushant Taing is very close of friend of mine who writes wonderful posts with forceful language that one can’t disagree with. This post was so impressive, that i  would have lifted from his FB wall , even if he had refused to part with! Poor lawyers, their source of revenue and acrimony was halted, as Sushant agreed for reposting this article in my blog, without fuss 🙂

5 thoughts on “New Atheists are privilege deniers- Sushant Taing

  1. “Privilege,” for example white privilege, is an explanatory social science model. It’s an extremely useful model, it has really good predictive powers, and explains many if not most social differences. However, it is not a perfect model, and it is not The Truth With a Capital T. Like every social science model ever developed, it has some blind spots and does not necessarily explain or describe every difference in society.

    One problem with it: the way most people apply the model today, every time someone tests for privilege they find it. Every privilege test comes back positive. Everyone who looks for privilege finds it. That suggests there’s something wrong with the model. If you have a pregnancy test that always reads positive no matter who pees on the stick, they you have a faulty pregnancy test.

    Right now the model is spinning towards infinite intersectionality — everyone has multiple forms of privilege, and the list of privileges only increases, never decreases. Pretty soon, “you have privilege” will be the equivalent of “you breathe air.” In 10 or 15 years, progressives (which includes me) will look back on privilege theory and get mad at people for still using such an outmoded theory.


  2. It seems unusual to me when atheists are deemed to be “elite”. A religious organization doesn’t even have to pay any taxes. That seems far more “elite” to me. As an atheist, I would be happy to trade any perception of coming from an elitist group, for the privilege enjoyed by religious organizations of not paying tax.


    1. i do not know whether you read the link about why the atheist numbers are less in prison…one is talking about privilege blindness here, where the vanilla atheists are just that and atheists of such dispensation do not adequately look into their privileges while placing their comments…coming to your point, about religious organisation not paying taxes is one form of elitism…for example atheists who oppose religion do not understand the underlying reason why blacks find churches more liberating even if the gospels and OT glorify slavery…to understand that one needs to look at this apparent paradox at far more deeper manner than merely calling them as fools…


      1. If atheist privilege exists, it has some enormous differences with other forms of privilege:

        Every human being is born atheist. We have our atheism educated out of us or we choose other paths, but no one is actually born with religious belief. No one actually “becomes atheist” so much as “returns to atheism.”
        It is not a very exclusive community. It is by far the easiest “privileged” group to join. Everyone to some degree has an option to become atheist, either internally or externally. Observing religious customs is a choice. If the counter is that “many people are trapped in religious communities and could never become atheists,” then I’d say you can’t have it both ways. We can’t say that atheists have the advantages and also say that people don’t have freedom to become atheist.
        There very little compelling reason for me as an atheist to change my behavior because of my atheist privilege. “My people” (atheists) are on average: less likely to be in prison, more likely to do well in school, get higher degrees, earn more money, stay married longer, are less likely to have unplanned pregnancies, etc., etc. Almost ever piece of evidence for the existence of atheist privilege sounds to me like a recommendation for atheism. Geology departments don’t hire people who think the Earth is only 6000 years old. If that’s atheist privilege, I’m really not seeing a reason to fight the privilege.

        I live in a country (the U.S.) where saying I’m an atheist will probably not get me killed. That is definitely a privilege I have over people in other parts of the world like Iran, and I too often take that privilege for granted, which is practically the definition of privilege. But, that privilege is not atheist privilege.


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