Thalli Pogathey- Don’t Go Away when Tamil Makes Merry!

Pretty late in the day and almost 6 months that i had posted last. This song compelled me to try its translation as i was impressed with this cover. It matches with the original rendition of Sid Sriram

Thamarai fills this poetry with words that it looks impervious to reality and transports you into some magical fantasy land of wooing! Tamil in all its glory is making merry in this song. The restraint that Thamarai shows in explaining the raw carnal desires to almost a tease is what makes this number stand out tall!

A R Rahman has his wizardry in place here. Get transported to a magical ride

This is sheer brilliance in word play and metaphors

Ezhuthum Valigal Yezhutha Mozhigal

Pains inscribe, in unrecorded languages

Aeno Vaanilai Maaruthey
Mani Thuli Poguthey
Marbin Vegam Kooduthey

Manamo Aetho Solla Vaarthai Theduthey
Kannellam Neeyethaan Irukindrai
Vizhinyin Mel Naan Kobam Konden
Imai Moodidu Endraen
Nagarum Nodigal
Kasaiyadi Pole
Muthugin Mele Vizhuvathinale
Vari Vari Kavithai

Somehow the day seems to fluctuate
As the needles of watch keep ticking by
And  my heart throbs incessantly
My mind searches for the right expression
As my eyes are filled with your thoughts
Became annoyed with my eyelids
As it refused to close
Each ambling seconds
Are like those Whiplashes striking
On my back
Forcing verses in couplets

Ezhuthum Valigal Yezhutha Mozhigal
Enathey Kadal Pola Perithaaga Nee Nindrai
Siruvan Naan Siru Alai Mattum Thaan
Paarkiren Paarkiren

Pains inscribe, in unrecorded languages
Ocean is how big you look to me
Am a kiddo, a humble wave
Is all I see (of you)

Eriyum Theeyin Ennai Nee Ootru
Naan Vanthu Neeradum Neer Ootru
Oorellam Kanmoodi Thoongum Osaigal Illatha Irave
Naan Mattum Thoongaamal Aengi Un Pola Kaaigindraen Nilave
Kalaabam Polaadum Kanavil Vaazhgindrene
Kai Neeti Unnai Theendave Paarthen
Aen Athil Thorthen
Aen Muthan Muthal Thara Thaamatham Aaguthu
Thaamarai Veguthu Thaamarai Veguthu

You pour the raging fire (of passions) upon me
But i remain as cold as the gushing cascade
the whole town is silenced by the sleep of closed eyes
But i remain sleepless like the moon in wane
I live a life under the tumult of nightmare
Stretched my hands to caress you
Failing miserably as i dunno why
Prompting your kisses and not getting still
Lotus just burns (passion), Lotus just burns (passion)

Thalli Pogathey Ennaiyum
Thalli Pøga Šøllathey
Iruvar Ithazhum Malar Ènum Mul Thaane
Thalli Pøgathey (2)

don’t go away from me
don’t tell me to
both our lips are flowers with thorns
don’t go away from me (2)

Daegam Thadai Illai Èna Naanum
Oru Vaarthai Šølgindren
Aanal Athu Pøi Thaan
Èna Neeyum Arivaai Èngindren

Mortal desire may not hinder
Is what  i utter
But you know very well
It is a fat lie

Kanavinil Thirinthaai Vizhithathum Olinthaai
Kanavinil Dhinam Dhinam Mazhai Thuliyaai Pøzhinthaai
Thalli Pøgaadae
Kangalil Iyakkam Kaathalin Mayakkam
Aanal Vaarthaiyil Oru Vithamaana Thayakam
Nødi Nødiyaai Neram Uraya
Èn Kaathal Aayul Karaya
Aenø Aenø Maaruthu Megam Køøda
Vithiyin Šathi Vilayaaduthae
Ènai Vittu Piriyatha Anbe
Aenø Aenø Aenø Aenø
Aenø Aenø Aenø Aenø
You spring in dreams to hide when awake

You pour like the morning dews in my dreams
Don’t go away from me
Eyes desire you, with passions of love
But words hold back in hesitation
Time erodes with every second
As my love erodes along with it
Why o why are the clouds too changing its colors
As the destiny’s cruel plans play out
Don’t part from me my love
Why o why!

Don’t Go Away

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