Started to blog to do my bit towards translating songs from Tamil and Malayalam films in English. There is a dire need to do so, considering that some of the great literary works are produced in films , which would get wider audience if it is translated in English. Why English? Well it is the lingua franca of the world at this point in history, not surprising when most of the scientific literature are produced in this language and ideas are exchanged in this language. A colonial legacy of the Empire ironically has become the de rigeur to climb social ladder and for reaching out to a larger audience worldwide.

Besides translation, it is a place where you will find largely gibberish disguised as intellectualism in the form of opinion or musings. Am a freethinker and feminist first and last, and those who think that these terms are “discriminatory” please feel free to use your spare time somewhere else.

All other opinions are welcome and will be encouraged for debate and discussions.

So Be Calm and Post!!

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